Fact check: Can Nordic Valley build a ski resort in a roadless area?

BZ 071018 James Coleman Nordic Valley 02-1

It’s not going to be a cakewalk. 


Study links air pollution to drop in national park visitors

National Parks Pollution

Visitors appear to be steering clear of some U.S. national parks or cutting visits short because of pollution levels that are comparable to what's found in major cities, according to a study released Wednesday.


Ogden Valley residents share unease with Nordic Valley vision

Nordic open house

A few people spoke in favor of the project, but the overwhelming sentiment was one of concern — especially about water, dark skies, traffic and, above all, how the aggressive development would alter the fabric of the close-knit, pastoral mountain community.


Utah wildfire sparks effort to save hundreds of local fish

Western Wildfires-1

Wildlife officials worried that sediment spewed from a southern Utah wildfire could poison and destroy a native fishery have rescued and relocated 400 local fish to a hatchery, in a glimpse of the sweeping impact wildfires have on the state.


'Diesel Brothers' star tests souped-up 'Freedom Bus' on dry Great Salt Lake bed

Lead BZ 071118 Diesel Brothers Lake Bus 01

Sparks plans to use his retrofitted Blue Bird school bus for transportation on his new island, but he first needed to get it there. He also needed to prove impacts to the lake would be minimal. That’s why, Wednesday morning, a wide-load semi truck hauled the bus to Antelope Island.


Watering limits start in Farmington, residents urged to let go of green

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For the rest of the summer, customers are prohibited from watering over the weekends, from 8 a.m. Saturday to 8 a.m. Monday. Those caught violating the order get walloped with a $50 fine on their first offense, $250 for the second offense and a complete shutoff of secondary water at the third...


Truck crash spills more waste from Colorado mine into creek

Mine Waste Spill Truck Crash Colorado

A truck hauling waste from a Colorado mine — the source of a 2015 spill that polluted rivers in three states — crashed into a creek on Monday, spilling at least some of its load into the water, authorities said.


Nordic Valley's new manager discusses big plans for small resort

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James Coleman met with the Standard-Examiner ahead of the meeting to provide more background on his experience, his thoughts on responsible resort management and his plans for Nordic Valley.


Ozone, wildfire smoke pollution a double-whammy on Wasatch Front air quality

LEAD BD 070618 Air Quality 11

d patterns blew wildfire smoke into Weber County on Friday morning, spiking levels of particulate pollution. Afternoon breezes blew out the smoke, but stagnant weather caused levels of ozone pollution to build in the summer heat. No matter the source, high levels of pollution take a toll on public...


New leader at EPA is former coal lobbyist, Senate staffer

Trump EPA Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler, the No. 2 official at EPA, will take over the agency Monday now that President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of embattled administrator Scott Pruitt.

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